Welcome to Tycoon Resort Kids Park

Enter a world of wonder and excitement at Tycoon Resort's Kids Park, where imagination knows no bounds and every moment is filled with laughter, joy, and endless fun. Nestled within the serene surroundings of our resort, the Kids Park offers a magical playground for children of all ages to explore, play, and create unforgettable memories.

A Playground of Possibilities

At Tycoon Resort's Kids Park, children are invited to let their imaginations soar as they explore a variety of attractions and activities designed to inspire creativity and spark curiosity. From colorful play structures and interactive games to themed play areas and exciting rides, our park offers endless opportunities for adventure and discovery, ensuring that every visit is filled with excitement and wonder.

Safe and Secure Environment

The safety and well-being of our young guests are our top priorities at Tycoon Resort's Kids Park. That's why we've taken every measure to ensure that our park is a safe and secure environment where children can play freely under the watchful eye of our trained staff. With padded surfaces, age-appropriate equipment, and strict safety protocols in place, parents can rest assured knowing that their little ones are in good hands.

Fun for the Whole Family

At Tycoon Resort's Kids Park, the fun doesn't stop with the children – it's a place where families can come together to bond, laugh, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're enjoying a thrilling ride on the carousel, splashing around in the interactive water play area, or simply relaxing in the shade of a palm tree, our park offers something for everyone to enjoy, making it the perfect destination for family fun and adventure.

Join Us for a Day of Play

Whether you're a local resident looking for a weekend getaway or a vacationing family seeking the ultimate destination for fun and relaxation, Tycoon Resort's Kids Park invites you to join us for a day of play. With its vibrant atmosphere, exciting attractions, and friendly staff, it's the perfect place to let your inner child run wild and create memories that will last a lifetime.


So pack your sunscreen, grab your camera, and get ready for a day of laughter, excitement, and pure joy at Tycoon Resort's Kids Park. The adventure begins here!

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