Welcome to Smash Badminton Court

Step onto the court and feel the rush of adrenaline at Tycoon Club's Smash Badminton Court, where every shuttlecock serves as a testament to skill, speed, and precision. Situated within the energetic ambiance of our club, the Smash Badminton Court offers a dynamic space for players of all levels to enjoy the fast-paced action and friendly competition of this beloved sport.

Elevate Your Game

Whether you're a casual player looking for some recreational fun or a serious competitor seeking to hone your skills, our badminton court provides the perfect setting to showcase your talents, improve your technique, and engage in spirited rallies with friends and opponents alike. With its well-maintained courts, professional-grade equipment, and welcoming atmosphere, our court ensures that every game is an opportunity for growth, camaraderie, and enjoyment.

Play Your Way

At Smash Badminton Court, we believe in providing options for players of all levels and preferences. Whether you're looking for singles or doubles play, a casual game with friends or a more competitive match, our court offers the flexibility and versatility to accommodate your needs and interests. With its spacious layout, adjustable lighting, and comfortable surroundings, our court provides the ideal environment for players to enjoy the sport to the fullest and create memorable experiences on the court.

Join Us for a Match

Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, Tycoon Club's Smash Badminton Court invites you to join us for a match. With its vibrant atmosphere, friendly competition, and endless opportunities for enjoyment, it's the perfect place to indulge your passion for badminton, improve your skills, and create lasting memories with friends old and new.


So grab your racket and shuttlecock and join us on the court – the game is on at Tycoon Club's Smash Badminton Court.

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