Zareba 145 Self Insulated Wire Reel

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The Zareba Self-Insulated Wire Reel makes wire installation easy and convenient. Ideal for small pastures and rotational grazing, this electric fence wire reel helps to prevent tangling of the fence wire. Use this insulated electric fence wire reel with steel and aluminum wire, polywire, or polytape to prevent tangling. The galvanized steel frame of this aluminum electric fence wire reel has a built-in convenient carry handle and insulates the wire from the spool.

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Efficient 3 to 1 Gear Ratio: With a 3 to 1 gear ratio, our wire reel enables you to effortlessly tighten wires, tapes, or braids by simply turning the

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The Gallagher North America Porta Reel (G63030) can help keep the area around you safe. With this product, you get over 650' of poly wire in a lightweight holder. This power hand tool holds eight locking positions to keep the mini wire tensioned. Use this fence reel to construct small fences around items you want to be secured. Build a fence to keep people away from certain areas. Stay safe when you use fence-protection equipment from the Gallagher line of products.

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1. WIDELY USED. Gear Reel can hold POLYWIRE for 500m long, 2.3mm wide. TAPE for 350m long, 12mm wide and 60m long, 40mm wide. You could take up and

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