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The Googan Squad wanted a line they could trust and deliver to all of you. So, they teamed up with high quality Japanese manufacturers and Catch Co. to create it. All members of The Googan Squad played a part in the development of the product from manufacturing to packaging, and they’re proud to present it to you now. The monofilament version is a floating, multi-purpose line great for multi-species, versatile anglers. 6lb - Great for panfish and trout. Excels on smaller size spinning reels.

Googan Squad Monofilament Line 8lb 330yd

This Swimbait is the Googan Squads' take on a hard body swimbait. With 3 segments this swimbait can be worked in many ways. From a slow steady retrieve to burning across the top of the water the Googan Squad Contenders action is unbeatable. For less active fish try a twitch twitch pause action and let the slow sink do all the work. Available in both 4.5 and 7 the Contender will be able to match any hatch.

Googan Squad Jr. Contender Gizzard Shad

Armed with more noise than New Year's Eve, the Googan Revolver puts fish on notice. When the mondos move in, the rotating fin at its center paints the hooks as the clear target. The body jitters as the fin rotates - adding visual action to the chaos. Topwater plopping baits have been around for decades. Googan made major innovations to evolve this category for the new millennium. Flattening the tail and distributing the weight ensures the Revolver lands upright on every cast.

Googan Squad Revolver Topwater Bait, Nightclub

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The Googan Squad Klutch lipless crankbait designed for a realistic and tight wobble to mimic swimming baitfish and fleeing crawfish. Fish the Googan Squad Klutch all year long but this bait will really crush in the Spring and Fall when bass are putting on the feedbag. In the spring, tie on Sriracha Craw Klutch to mimic the look of crawfish which bass are typically dialed in on.

Googan Squad Klutch Lipless Crankbait Cash Craw

The TRUTH About Being in the GOOGAN SQUAD - First Full Year in the Squad - Fishing After Dark ep. 1

If you're looking for that one do-it-all casting rod, the Googan Squad Go-To is the one for you. Hard baits, soft baits, jigs, topwaters, and nearly

Green Series Go-To Casting Rod

Designed to bridge the gap in Googan’s swimbait lineup, the Googan Squad Rival Glide Bait is built to target the biggest fish in the lake. With a single-jointed design, the Rival produces a tantalizing darting action on a choppy retrieve that is sure to draw devastating strikes. Additionally, anglers can employ a side-to-side gliding pattern by using short turns of the reel that bass simply can’t help but follow.

Googan Squad Rival Glide Bait Bluegill 7

Catch Co Googan Squad Bass Fishing Mondo Kit Flat Banger, Zinger, Juicee Jig, Necko Sun Mask and Googan Baits Krackin' Craw : Sports & Outdoors