Blakemore Jig Walleye Fishing Baits & Lures for sale

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BLAKEMORE PRO-CURLY TAILS by Road Runner® lures feature a willow blade for deeper or swifter waters. Try the 16th oz. for deep Panfish & the 1/8th oz.


Blakemore Original Marabou Road Runner

Slab Runners feature Bobby Garland Baby Shad and Road Runner heads. 1/8oz #1 Hk Monkey Milk. Underspin Fishing Jig with Flash and Vibration

Blakemore Slab RunnerMoney Milk 1/8oz 1/0 Hook Fishing Jig Freshwater Lure

Road Runner Original Jig Heads

Fishing Lures & Baits Higginbotham Brothers

Blakemore Jig Walleye Fishing Baits & Lures for sale

The Blakemore Road Runner Crappie Thunder in hot lips has a solid body that lasts up to 10 times longer than the tube. The life-like action is formulated to make fish strike and hold on long enough for even a novice to set the hook. The flair tails are 90 degrees to the body which causes the tail to shimmy and shake, and there are 12 per strip card.

Road Runner 1803-014 Crappie Thunder Jig with Spinner 1/8 oz

The Road Runner Crappie X-Tractor series awards you with exciting panfish jigs tailormade for big crappies with unmatched action and quality components for crappie and panfish anglers. Utilizing the best-selling Original Road Runner head and pre-rigged with a Bobby Garland Slab Hunt'r miniature swimbait on a sickle-style hook platform, the X-Tractor can be cast, jigged, or trolled.

Road Runner CX2-4863 Crappie X-Tractor, 1/16oz, 1per Pack, 1/0

Blakemore Awesome Walleye Runner – Dakota Angler

Bill Lewis Jerkbait SCOPE-STIK 3/8oz (SS100-SSP6) - Fishermen's Heaven Store

Blakemore SR3-384 Green Lantern Glow 1/8oz 1/0 Hook Fishing Jig Freshwater Lure

Do-it Horsehead Jig Mold with Collar

Road Runner Marabou 1/8oz White

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Northland Fishing Tackle Thumper Jig